This work tool helps you build schedule options based on your selection of courses and related activities (e.g. lecture+lab or lecture+conference) from Class Schedule found at the Minerva Registration Menu. When reviewing your schedule options it is important to also consult Class Schedule for related activities that do not display in Visual Schedule Builder but that still must be taken into account in planning your schedule (e.g. certain optional tutorials and other activities which may not require registration). Once you have decided upon your courses, return to the Minerva Registration Menu in order to register in them.

New undergraduate students: before you begin selecting courses and building schedules, consult Program Advising and Registration for essential information on your program of study.

Course evaluations for many courses are available on the Minerva Mercury Online Course Evaluation Results page.

For FAQs, best practices and other help, please see http://kb.mcgill.ca/it/vsb